excuse me while I let out a little word vomit… or a lot of word vomit.

I have a lot of sporadic thoughts in my head at the moment and so I am going to take this time to try to put them all together. Please don’t feel like you need to read all of this, but if you should choose to, then welcome to some of the more recent inner workings of my brain! The gift shop is currently closed for renovations, so please exit through the left ear when you are finished browsing. Thank you for your cooperation!

1. Coming to Muhlenberg was easily the greatest decision I’ve ever made, and to think that I was actually considering throwing it all away this summer is almost unfathomable. I know where I was coming from at the time, and it was definitely logical. but now that I’m here and everything I was worried about has worked out for the better I can’t help but call myself stupid for even considering staying home. Especially because a lot of the time this place acts as more of a home for me than my real home. I guess I just forgot that. Duh. Stupid Josie. Sheesh. Get your shit together.

2. Signing up for recruitment week was the second greatest decision I’ve ever made (solely because I couldn’t have signed up for it had I not come to Muhlenberg, obvs.). I’m disgustingly in love with this sorority, and every single person in it. I’m already growing so close to these girls, many of which I’ve barely known for two weeks. I finally feel like I belong somewhere and I’m not grasping at straws in an attempt to find that “perfect friend group”. It’s the giant support system I had at home, and then some. It’s actually better on a thousand different levels. I feel so unconditionally loved by all of these girls (most of whom, I’m convinced, believe I belong in an insane asylum, but I’m completely fine with that) and I love them back the same way. I guess I owe my roommate a thank you for that last little push I needed to follow through with registration. Kidding, I don’t guess, I know. Maybe she’ll get that at her graduation. Unless she stumbles upon this/chooses to read it. Then I’m screwed. But that’s a bridge I shall cross if I arrive at it. 

3. This should probably be a 2a or a 2.1 but I think it deserves it’s own number… I don’t discriminate against thought processes. I think one of the greatest things about this sorority is the group of older sisters. I haven’t really had anyone to look up to since I was one of the younger girls at the dance studio, and the only reasons I considered them role models were because they were all really beautiful dancers, and they were anywhere between 4 and 10 years older than me which automatically made them the coolest people to roam the Earth. So, not the most valid of reasons to look up to them, but reasons nonetheless. However, now that I’ve met this new group of girls I’m beginning to realize that I see them as not only friends but also as role models, but for different reasons than I’m used to. They are each so unique in so many ways, and I’m incredibly intrigued by each one of them. They’re different in their passions, their attitudes, the way they view the world around them, and so much more. Each one of them seems very comfortable in their own skin and confident in the things, no matter how minuscule, that make up who they are. I really admire every one of them for that and truly look up to them all, even though we are so close in age and maturing in a sense that age is not much more than a number anymore. I can only hope that I can learn from them and develop that confidence and comfort in myself over the next few years, and maybe eventually act as that role model for a future phi sig baby. 

4. I’m really really happy. Whole heartedly and genuinely happy. For so many reasons. And when I think about that, I end up even happier. It’s such a wonderful concept. 

5. I apologize that this went from an uncategorized rant to a sorority rant. But I’m not actually that sorry, to be honest.

6. Everything else that I wanted to write about became rather irrelevant after numbers 2 and 3. 

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Posted on Wednesday, 19 September
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